Radisson seeks to paint Asia-Pacific Blu

CARLSON Rezidor Hotel Group will roll out the latest iteration of its Radisson Blu brand campaign, Turning the World Blu, across Asia-Pacific during the second half of the year.

An update on last year’s Discover Blu campaign (TTG Asia e-Daily, September 23, 2011), Turning the World Blu will run across 15 markets in Asia-Pacific, mainly through online advertising on established media channels and selected pan-regional business titles.

The campaign will feature architectural landmarks in key Radisson Blu markets, iconic photography, and visuals of hotel interiors.

Experiential consumer touch points will also be introduced, such as 3D interactive street art to highlight Radisson Blu’s free Internet, tinted Radisson Blu branded sunglasses for guests to experience the world from a ‘Blu’ perspective, and a ‘Blu Day’ in October to mark a regional celebration.

Lucinda Semark, executive vice president, revenue generation, Asia-Pacific, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, said: “This campaign is part of our three-year brand investment strategy in Asia-Pacific to encourage travellers to ‘Discover Radisson Blue’.”

Since 2011, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group has invested US$7 million in building the brand’s global visibility, of which US$3 million was spent on the Radisson Blu brand campaign in Asia-Pacific between 2011 and 2012.

Simon C Barlow, president, Asia-Pacific, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, said: “We have established strong growth momentum in Asia-Pacific, expanding the portfolio from one Radisson Blu hotel and resort in 2010, to 29 at the end of 2011. By 2015, the group will have close to 70 Radisson Blu hotels and resorts operating in the region.”

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