Wiriadipoera predicts overseas influx into Asian MICE scene

THE ECONOMIC crises in Europe and the US will turn the attention of international exhibition organisers to Asia over the next few years, according to Napindo Media Ashatama president director, Herman Wiriadipoera.

Speaking at the recent 4th Indonesia MICE Outlook & Award 2011, Wiriadipoera said: “Asia’s economic situation is relatively positive. Big countries like Indonesia, China and India have become the economic barometer.”

“Organisers who used to concentrate their businesses in Europe and the US are switching to Asia, including Indonesia,” he said.

“There are a growing number—big and public listed companies from the US, Europe and Singapore who are looking either to develop partnerships, to affiliate or even to buy events.”

“I don’t need to mention names, but my company has received several offers,” he added.

Wiriadipoera said that for a successful event that has been around for around 10 years, the offer could be up to 10 times the event’s annual turnover.

“I invite my fellow exhibition organisers to look at the B2B sector more,” he said, adding that at the moment only around 10 per cent of PEOs in Indonesia were focusing on B2B events.

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