Indonesia should focus on nurturing local MICE

INDONESIA’s MICE industry should capitalise on the country’s robust economic growth by encouraging the development of domestic MICE, said Anggito Abimanyu, the former head of fiscal analysis at Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance.

While trade- and export-related MICE business might be affected by the ongoing financial turmoil in the US and Europe, the positive results posted by domestic businesses should result in an overall increase in the number of domestic MICE in 2012, explained Abimanyu.

Abimanyu projected that Indonesia’s economy would grow by between six and 6.3 per cent next year, with a low inflation rate of around four per cent.

“Indonesia’s economic fundamentals are better than during the crisis of 2008/2009,” he said. “While the external economic growth is slowing down, Indonesia’s domestic economy is strong.”

“It is a good opportunity to create MICE events.”

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