Travel agency service lapse turns ugly

A TOUR group scheduled to travel to Shanghai over the weekend failed to board their flight, after their tour representative failed to show up at the airport, and also neglected to respond to their phone calls for about two hours.

The third-party representative of Sino-America (SA) Tours was supposed to receive the group at the airport, as well as provide information about their hotel and trip arrangements prior to departure.

An SA Tours spokesperson admitted that the representative had fallen asleep, and that his mobile phone had been switched off.

According to a report on, one of the ten tourists, Charlotte Lee, said the main reason for them not boarding the flight was the uncertainty over travel arrangements.

The group subsequently made their way to SA Tours’ office at People’s Park Complex, and decided to make a stand by barricading the entrance with their luggage.

SA Tours offered the group an alternative flight later in the day, but this was turned down.

After a four-hour standoff, SA Tours eventually called in the police, who managed to get the group to leave.

The tourists have now filed a complaint with the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), and are seeking a full refund of S$499 each, excluding taxes.

According to CASE, SA Tours was the subject of eight complaints two years ago, as well as one last year. The complaint from the Shanghai-bound group is its first this year.

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