Everbread shakes up flight search with Haystack

TRAVEL search technology’s new kid on the block, Everbread, is making its presence felt across the globe with Haystack, its B2B proprietary fares and flights search offering.

According to Morten Lund, Everbread CEO, Haystack was developed by 50 scientists using complex algorithms, and is able to provide the lowest-priced flight tickets and the most convenient itineraries.

Ten clients have signed partnerships with the company since its June 2009 debut. These include notable OTAs and meta-search engines such as Cheapflights.com and Jetabroad, whose websites are now powered by Haystack technology.

In addition, around 100 different clients worldwide have signed up so far to try out the company’s Haystack Application Programming Interface (API).

Lund said some of the smaller companies testing the API were using it to build media-driven websites to sell travel-related products.

“Haystack is unlike any other B2B solution or tool. Companies will therefore take some time to integrate our software into their systems,” he said. “We are giving airlines and travel companies a chance to redefine their business model.”

Lund said that the opportunities for airlines were particularly attractive. “Haystack endows airlines with the ability to carry out ‘virtual interlining’, enabling carriers to offer destinations outside their network,” he explained.

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