Bali’s Malaysian arrivals on the rise

MORE Malaysians are vacationing in Bali, with 52,507 arrivals in the first quarter of 2011, compared to 39,435 in 2010, a year-on-year increase of 33 per cent.

According to Antara News, some 156,865 Malaysians visited the island last year, an increase of 16 per cent over 2009. The number of visitors to Bali from Malaysia now ranks fourth after Australia, China and Japan.

Bali Central Statistics Agency head, Gede Suarsa, said the majority of Malaysians entered Bali on direct flights via Ngurah Rai Airport. Gede added that Malaysian tourists primarily came to the island to enjoy its culture and natural attractions.

Overall, foreign arrivals to Bali in the first quarter of 2011 reached 848,899, up 13.37 per cent compared to the same period last year.

An increase in arrivals was recorded from six other key source markets. Arrivals from Australia were up 34.92 per cent to 210,903; China rose 0.19 per cent to 71,186; the United Kingdom increased 46.98 per cent to 32,128; Russia increased 26.74 per cent to 31,646; Singaporean arrvials were up 42.99 per cent to 30,455; and visitors from France grew 15.15 per cent to 28,897.

Markets that showed a decrease were Japan, which declined by 21.81 per cent to 44,085 visitors; Taiwan, which registered a dip of 10.51 per cent to 39,451; and South Korea, down 1.35 per cent to 37,277.

Bali has set an arrivals target of 2.6 to 2.8 million visitors for 2011.

By Ellen Chen

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