Middle East packages feeling the heat

OUTBOUND travel agents strong in Egypt and Middle East packages are turning their hopes towards other destinations, in anticipation that holiday demand for the region will be low for the next two quarters due to the unrest.

Mayflower Acme Tours deputy general manager Abdul Rahman Mohamed said the company had removed Egypt from its product line-up for the upcoming MATTA Fair in Kuala Lumpur, which begins on March 11.

He said: “We are monitoring the situation, and we’ll make sure the destination is safe before we promote it again. Otherwise, it would be a financial risk for us.”

Abdul added that demand for Jordan and Dubai had also dropped.

The company will put more emphasis on regional destinations in South-east Asia. It will also promote a new tour package that combines Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Finland in a 10-day/seven-night programme.

Malaysian Harmony Tours & Travel CEO, Cooper Huang, said he expected holiday-seekers who had been saving for a trip to the Middle East to opt for Europe because of similar prices.

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