Korea NTO returns to Indonesia, incentivises agents

KOREA Tourism Organization (KTO) is reopening its Jakarta office after closing it down in 1998 due to the Asian financial crisis.

The office, to be opened between June and September, will focus on stimulating Indonesia outbound traffic to destinations beyond Seoul by dangling various incentives. For example, if an agent sends a group which comprises at least 80 per cent Muslim travellers, KTO will give a subsidy of 10,000 won (US$8.90) per person, which the agent can use for food or performance expenses.

Speaking to agents yesterday, KTO Singapore and Indonesia director Steve Yong said: “Last year we saw a record number of 95,239 arrivals (from Indonesia) or a 17.6 per cent increase over 2009. This year, we are targeting to achieve 110,000 arrivals.”

In terms of arrivals, Indonesia currently ranks fifth in South-east Asia after Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. Yong, however, projected that arrivals from Indonesia would surpass those from Singapore in two to three years.

The amount Indonesians spend per visit is also higher than Singaporeans and the Japanese, according to Yong.

Yong told TTG Asia e-Daily: “With Indonesia’s economy growing more than six per cent last year and this year, we see bigger potential for growth of the top and middle-class travellers.”

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