Malindo Air flags passenger data breech

Malaysia’s Malindo Air, a subsidiary of Indonesia’s Lion Group, said that it is investigating a massive data breach concerning its passengers.

The company’s in-house teams along with external data service providers, Amazon Web Services and its e-commerce partner GoQuo, are currently investigating into this breach, said the airline in a statement.

Malindo Air is investigating a massive passenger data breach

Malindo Air said that the company has put in adequate measures to ensure that the data of its passengers are not compromised, in line with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010. The airline affirmed that it does not store any payment details of its customers in its servers and is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

The airline is in the midst of notifying the various authorities both locally and abroad including CyberSecurity Malaysia, said the company, adding that Malindo Air is also engaging with independent cybercrime consultants to investigate and report into this incident.

Malindor Air has also advised passengers who have Malindo Miles accounts to change their passwords if identical passwords have been used on their other services online.

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