Japan, New Zealand deemed ‘safer’ in a VUCA world: Virtuoso

Mount Cook, New Zealand

The potential travel disruptions caused by geopolitical situations, which has been termed VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) by international travel agency network Virtuoso, has affected how destinations are perceived worldwide.

According to a survey by Virtuoso, 40 per cent of US travel advisors are avoiding destinations like the Middle East, Europe and Africa due to concerns over terrorism.

Mount Cook, New Zealand

Instead, Americans are showing preference for destinations perceived as safer including Japan and New Zealand in Asia-Pacific, or choosing to travel domestically or to Canada.

A smaller percentage of advisors (10 per cent) say clients are changing travel plans due to a concern over anti-American sentiment as a result of president Donald Trump’s travel ban, despite it not being in effect currently.

Outside of the US, 42 per cent of Virtuoso-affiliated travel advisors say clients are avoiding travel to the US due to factors including opposition to the country’s foreign policy and concerns over obtaining visas.

As an alternative, they are electing to travel to destinations such as Italy, Australia and the UK. The majority of advisors anticipate the slowdown in travel to the US will last three to six months.

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