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Aussie and Singaporean agents get 30-year reunion

A group of 28 retired and semi-retired travel agents and NTO chiefs from Singapore and Australia gathered for a reunion at the Singapore Cricket...

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Experiences arms race heats up as long tail of tours &...

Tours and activities have been one of the longest tails in the travel industry, as the sector’s slow rate of online adoption is encumbered by challenges including fragmentation of small disconnected suppliers and buying habits of travellers...

Something to Think About

“The countries that perform well on the index are those that are embracing new models of global citizenship and adapting to, rather than shrinking away from, an increasingly globalised world.”

– said Dominic Volek, managing partner of Henley & Partners Singapore and head of South-east Asia, citing South Korea and the UAE as examples of countries whose passport strength have improved for its citizens as a result of their open-door policies


Why quality isn’t enough

As Singapore crests a multi-year wave of strong tourism growth, a bigger set of challenges looms ahead. The Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) chief executive, Keith Tan, tells Pamela Chow about his ambitious plans to boost sustainable quality tourism

Future Gen

Building bridges in Indonesia’s hospitality workforce

A platform wants to be the Go-Jek of Indonesia’s hospitality workforce, matching hotel jobs with workers seeking them.