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In search of the perfect villa

Cecilia Maria Saputri, COO, Villa Finder, shares how its customised scalable technology stack enables the villa rental company to increase efficiency and cater to evolving client needs while keeping personalised experiences at the forefront

Private pleasures

From standalone beachfront villas to a full-floor buyout, these newly-opened properties in the Asia-Pacific region offer a slice of seclusion ideal for private group getaways.

Bali tops expanding villa rental market in APAC

The overall villa rental market in the Asia-Pacific region grew by 12% in the past two years, reaching a value of US$440 million, with...

APAC villa rentals a US$390 million industry:

The Asia-Pacific villa rental segment accounts for US$390 million of the global US$120 billion vacation rental market, according to a analysis of Airbnb listings and...

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