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Asia/Singapore Saturday, 9th December 2023
Tags India Tourism Recovery

Tag: India Tourism Recovery

India all set to introduce new tourism policy

India’s new tourism policy that has been in a limbo for a long period is expected to be introduced in the next two months,...

Sri Lanka’s unrest opens door to ayurveda tourism boom for India

Ayurveda specialists in India are expecting a busier season for medical tourism as Sri Lanka, a major competitor in the field, struggles with tourism...

India’s Union Budget disappoints tourism and hospitality players

India's tourism and hospitality businesses are left high and dry by the central government's budget for 2022-2023, which has neglected their requests for industry...

India’s tourism players hold breath for make-or-break 2022/23 budget

Tax reforms and an improved climate for hotel investments are among the items on the wish list of India's tourism and hospitality players, who...

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