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Asia/Singapore Wednesday, 31st May 2023
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Aboard the ChatGPT train

The new-gen chatty chatbot is helping OTAs to better engage customers for eventual sale conversation, while making content creation easier for travel and tourism marketers

Getting to know ChatGPT

ChatGPT is great as a starting point for travel and tourism content, which makes it a great customer engagement tool for companies keen to build travel interest and then reel the customer towards conversion

Expedia brings ChatGPT trip planning capability into app

Following the introduction of an Expedia plug-in for ChatGPT users last month, the travel company has now rolled out the beta launch of a...

Expedia teams up with OpenAI for ChatGPT plugin

Expedia Group and OpenAI have unveiled a new plugin to simplify trip planning for ChatGPT users. Previously, ChatGPT could only identify what to do and...

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