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Create a turn-key travel club offering member-only travel and lifestyle benefits through one easy-to-use platform.

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Create a turn-key travel club offering member-only travel and lifestyle benefits through one easy-to-use platform.

Many companies are looking at developing or implementing new consumer loyalty strategies to create sustainable revenue growth that is immune to crises and seasonality. Recurring revenue models are key, even as travel revenue is heavily impacted by macro factors. 

According to a report by PYMNTS, 37 per cent of consumers will spend more with brands with a retail subscription. However, to increase revenue, new entrants or existing subscription organisations such as media sites or neobanks, need to find the right balance between giving users access to content and value worth paying for. 

By offering different subscription packages and pricing tiers, companies can create more value for members and increase their revenue. 

They can add new verticals such as travel or lifestyle benefits, and bundle them into an all-in offering, which lets subscription organisations design upselling journeys and experiment with different price points to maximise the customer lifetime value across different subscriber types.

Booking a trip is still a major pain point for travellers. With an overwhelming number of choices, the entire process can seem daunting. Streamlining this booking journey by offering user-friendly platforms and consolidated content can help. 

Furthermore, building this one-stop shop comes with the promise of delivering competitive prices and broad inventories. It also enables companies to offer travel solutions tailored to specific groups of users that will ensure that travellers feel seen and valued throughout their journey.

While finding white-label solutions is relatively simple, sourcing real value and differentiating one’s brand experience from the mainstream online travel agency model can be rather complex. 

True customer support, fully branded experience, global inventory, flexible pricing, custom margins/savings, and benefit negotiations should be combined to meet a brand’s specific requirements.

Custom Travel Solutions (CTS) is one of the few providers that specialises in this niche. 

“A travel club is certainly the most profitable niche you can find in travel,” said Mike Putman, CEO and founder, Custom Travel Solutions. 

“Besides operating our own 24/7 customer service globally, we put together all the tools, technology and vendors to deliver tailored travel member solutions to organisations all over the world.”

CTS has also recently seen and addressed a surge in demand for this type of product in the Asian market. With a dedicated product and business development team located in Pune, India, the company has recently enriched its platform with new inventory to cater to these specific audiences.

Custom Travel Solutions – your way to a turn-key travel club

CTS’s goal is to use its industry expertise, technology capabilities, and extensive relationship network to give companies a turn-key travel club that offers a comprehensive set of elite member-only travel and lifestyle benefits through one easy-to-use platform. 

The company provides private-labelled travel clubs to its global portfolio of clients. With a first-in-class travel platform, CTS also offers consultative services in the travel and loyalty sector and supports its clients with travel content, sales, merchant services, and travel fulfillment.

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