Paradox Singapore Merchant Court: Redefining Meetings by the River

The launch of Paradox Singapore Merchant Court represents the birth of a new identity in hospitality. Nestled along the riverside and providing convenient access to a lively nightlife, Paradox Singapore Merchant Court seamlessly combines the elements of enjoyment and productivity.

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In the heart of Singapore’s dynamic Clarke Quay, where entertainment options abound, Paradox emerges as a distinctive haven that transcends the conventional notion of a venue, providing an immersive and all-encompassing experience. Being an urban resort that offers guests a sophisticated yet playful blend of traditional refinement and modern elegance, Paradox seamlessly marries opulence with practicality, meticulously designed to cater to elite incentive programs that demand nothing short of excellence.

Paradox Singapore Merchant Court epitomises the essence of a contemporary urban resort, seamlessly blending work and play to curate events that are not just gatherings but transformative experiences. Its 476 guestrooms and suites are not merely spaces for repose; they are meticulously appointed with modern amenities that prioritise both comfort and functionality.

Merchant Court Ballroom

With 1,168 square meters of meeting space strategically situated on the lobby level, Paradox ensures that events of any scale unfold seamlessly. The Merchant Court Ballroom, capable of accommodating up to 500 guests, inviting natural daylight through its expansive floor-to-ceiling glass walls. This adaptability positions it as an ideal venue for both daytime conferences and evening soirees, further enhanced by an adjacent foyer for intimate private receptions. For more intimate gatherings, the poolside patio offers an inviting space accommodating up to 14 guests, perfect for intimate cocktail or networking sessions. Shaped like a gazebo, it provides shelter while offering a picturesque riverside view.

Ellenborough Market Cafe

Paradox’s commitment to leaving a lasting impression extends to its culinary offerings. Crafted by an award-winning culinary team, bespoke menus pay homage to Singapore’s rich gastronomic legacy, offering diverse and tantalising catering options that elevate the overall event experience. For time-conscious professionals, substantial and health-conscious catering options are seamlessly integrated into pre-function spaces and breaks, allowing delegates to indulge in local Peranakan and international flavours at Ellenborough Market Café or opt for a global culinary journey poolside at Blue Potato.

Ellenborough Market Cafe

As the sun sets, casting a warm golden glow over the city, Paradox transforms into more than just a venue; it becomes the backdrop for potent networking opportunities. Whether within the sophisticated ambiance of Crossroads Bar or the laid-back charm of Alfresco Dining, every sip and conversation unfold against the serene backdrop of the Singapore River. For more casual networking sessions by the river, the Alfresco Dining area and its picnic tables offer the perfect opportunity for delegates to mingle. Additionally, our venue provides the ideal setting for memorable BBQ sessions, where guests can savour delicious grilled delicacies while enjoying the scenic views. For those looking to unwind with a touch of sophistication, our dedicated cocktail sessions present an excellent option, allowing participants to connect over expertly crafted drinks in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Pool during the day

Recognising the significance of well-being in corporate engagements, Paradox Singapore Merchant Court seamlessly incorporates wellness into its all-encompassing meeting schedule. The outdoor areas transform into adaptable settings for various open-air activities, ranging from workout exercise sessions to team-building exercises. Yet, for those seeking relaxation, the Aramsa Spa, nestled beside the tranquil swimming pool, functions as a haven where delegates can unwind and revitalise with a diverse range of therapeutic treatments. It provides an ideal retreat following prolonged and intense meeting days.

Choosing Paradox Singapore Merchant Court goes beyond selecting a venue; it entails embracing a subtle transformation. Here, events effortlessly become memorable experiences, and ordinary meetings subtly evolve into purposeful gatherings.

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