Philippines’ Clark Airport flies high with 2023 accomplishments

Clark International Airport (CRK) in the Philippines achieved an impressive growth in 2023 with nearly two million passengers, marking a substantial increase of 42 per cent against forecast and 158 per cent increase against 2022 numbers.

The forecast was done in cooperation with Changi Airports International, and is based on the projected restoration of airline seat capacity, taking into consideration border policies, demand recovery, airline plans and other airports’ constraints after the pandemic.

Clark International Airport facilitated a total of 14,892 flights in 2023

This growth not only indicates a robust recovery for the airport and the Central and Northern Luzon regions, but also reflects a positive trend in the broader aviation sector.

Throughout the year, CRK facilitated a total of 14,892 flights, including 11 international and 10 domestic flights.

Noel Manankil, president and CEO of Luzon International Premiere Airport Development Corp (the consortium that operates and manages CRK), shared: “The substantial increase in passenger numbers, surpassing both industry forecasts and previous year’s performance, is a testament to the hard work of our dedicated team and the attractiveness of our airport.

“As we move forward, we vow to build on this success and explore new avenues for enhancement. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, and we are excited about the opportunities that the coming year holds for Clark International Airport.”

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