Jumeirah Group to double portfolio by 2030

Jumeirah Group has plans to double the size of its portfolio by 2030, building on its strength in the UAE and further expanding its portfolio into key global markets like Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific.

The growth plans include up-weighting its presence in Europe, leveraging its strong base in London, Capri, Mallorca and Geneva to acquire luxury properties in other major cities, as well as exploring opportunities in the US.

Jumeirah Group plans to expand its portfolio into key global markets like Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific; Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab, pictured

The group will also look to capitalise on the strong growth potential of the Asia-Pacific market to extend its current reach beyond its properties in China, Bali and the Maldives.

The plans are part of Jumeirah’s Mission 2030 strategy which will also see an evolution of the brand with a renewed focus on delivering distinct guest experiences and new ancillary businesses to complement its ultra luxury positioning.

Launching in 2024, this will include the integration of wellness into the entire guest journey based on the principles of lifelong learning, longevity and inclusivity, as well as a re-imagined family experience with a focus on education, self-discovery, environmental stewardship, cultural immersion and the arts.

In addition, sustainability is integral to every aspect of Mission 2030 under the group’s three pillars: Planet, People and Governance. With a focus on decarbonisation of operations, eco-conscious building design, strong governance on supply chain, diversity and inclusion, Jumeirah is committed to preserving biodiversity given the location of its hotels in fragile ecosystems.

Jumeirah Group’s CEO Katerina Giannouka commented: “Mission 2030 is a strategic plan that is designed to evolve the Jumeirah brand from a regional success story to a global leader in ultra luxury hospitality. It focuses on four key areas – international expansion, brand and product development, operational excellence and ancillary business – with an overall aim to sustainably double the size of our portfolio by 2030 and enhance our brand experience to meet the diverse and evolving needs of our guests.”

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