Perodua, Tourism Malaysia to co-promote and boost tourism in Malaysia

Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia’s leading automotive brand, Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua (Perodua), have recently forged a three-year memorandum of collaboration (MoC) with a shared objective – to promote tourism in Malaysia.

Set to take effect from 2024 to 2026, this collaboration is founded on a mutual commitment to advancing Malaysia’s tourism sector, enhancing accessibility, and elevating the overall tourist experience.

The collaboration aims to ensure that visitors can seamlessly explore the attractions in Malaysia

Ammar Abd Ghapar, director-general of Tourism Malaysia, has expressed enthusiasm for this transformative journey with Perodua, underscoring the united commitment to making Malaysia even more appealing to tourists.

Zainal Abidin Ahmad, president and CEO of Perodua, expressed that this collaboration aligns seamlessly with their “mobility as a lifestyle” initiative.

Through the MoC, Perodua seeks to expand its new business model, particularly in vehicle subscription, while gaining real-time feedback from foreign travellers on their perception of Perodua.

This collaborative effort promises substantial benefits for the nation, its tourists, and the environment, with Perodua playing a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility for both domestic and international tourists, strategically addressing transportation challenges. This is to ensure that visitors can seamlessly explore the diverse attractions Malaysia has to offer, creating a more inclusive and enjoyable travel experience.

Furthermore, this collaboration will leverage joint resources to market and promote Malaysia as a premier tourist destination. It will also facilitate cultural exchange programmes, enriching the experience for tourists and fostering a deeper connection with Malaysia’s diverse cultures.

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