Diethelm launches major rebrand at WTM 2023

Diethelm Travel launched a full-scale rebrand as DTH, including a refocused vision, yesterday at World Travel Market 2023.

After nearly seven decades of operating in the region, new CEO Stephan Roemer cited the rebrand as a way to refresh the organisation for a new era of travel.

Roemer: we have reinvented ourselves and reignited our passion for adventure and exploration

“For 66 remarkable years, DTH Travel has been on an extraordinary voyage, mastering 13 diverse countries within Asia and connecting travellers with unforgettable journeys.

Throughout our own incredible journey, we have witnessed continuous changes as horizons expanded and the world evolved. Today marks a defining moment for us: our rebrand signals a transformative shift, breathing new life into our identity and purpose, ensuring we remain relevant in these ever-evolving times. It’s a profound reflection of the changes in our world, industry, and communities, that have reshaped our ethos and equipped us to step confidently into the 21st century,” he explained.

The major transformation is not just a facelift but includes a new vision for the company built on a desire to reflect the values and needs of a rapidly evolving market based on four operational pillars: Industry Experts, Tailor-made Experiences, Community Experts and Progressive Vision.

“We have reinvented ourselves and reignited our passion for adventure and exploration. Our affection for crafting journeys that stir the soul and create unforgettable memories for all who travel with us remains unchanged, as is our commitment to clients. We are proud to offer them our best service and products yet,” continued Roemer.

The new CEO went on to applaud DTH’s new generation, who helped fuel the brand’s transformation: “Their fresh perspectives have invigorated our company culture, and with this newfound focus and digitalisation of our service, we have propelled towards new successes and profitability again. As we embark on this exciting new chapter, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to our incredible team and our loyal clients who have supported us thus far.”

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