Philippines unveils updated travel app for visitors

The Department of Tourism (DoT) and the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Philippines have released the upgraded Travel Philippines app.

This enhanced digital platform aims to provide a more convenient way travellers can experience the beauty, culture, and adventures that the destination has to offer.

The upgraded app will provide a more convenient way for travellers to experience all that the Philippines has to offer; Boracay Island, pictured

The Travel Philippines app is a handy resource of travel information, where travellers can use it to plan their journeys across the country, access travel deals and promotions, and manage digital travel documents. Real-time chat support will also be available.

The app will provide a wealth of information and multimedia assets for their respective regions and provinces – this includes hundreds of accommodation options, attractions, immersive experiences, and essential services. It will also be updated every month.

“The Travel Philippines app is a milestone for Philippine tourism as the whole country has come together to create and promote its enhanced version,” said TPB’s chief operating officer Margarita Montemayor Nograles.

DoT’s secretary Christina Garcia Frasco commented that the travel app will help “spur tourism activities across all spheres of the industry recognising its massive contribution to our economy” and ensure that “the benefits of tourism spread to the farthest reaches of our country, and create more opportunities for employment and livelihood for our fellow Filipinos”.

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