Immerse in culture at Jumeirah Bali

Jumeirah Bali in Uluwatu has unveiled a collection of on- and off-property cultural immersions for guests.

From making traditional Gebogan and Canang Sari ceremonial offerings to learning common phrases in Bahasa Indonesia, guests will find various activities that promote well-being and cultural involvement. These are changed every day.

Guests can try their hand at playing the rindik, Bali’s traditional musical instrument

Starting with a blessing ritual which takes place at one of the sacred Dang Kahyangan Hindu temples, the experience offers a spiritual journey and insights into Balinese beliefs.

At the resort, guests can join a number of educational classes, such as a rindik session where they can try their hand at playing Bali’s traditional musical instrument; a cooking class with a Jumeirah chef focusing on healthy, easy-to-make Balinese dishes; batik-making workshop covering everything from pattern creation using dyes to producing a finished one-of-a-kind masterpiece; and Balinese dance class for ladies.

The resort also offers a range of holistic activities for the body, mind and spirit – morning and sunset yoga; candle-pouring workshop using natural wax and aromatherapy; a session of bayu suci, Bali’s movement meditation; and banyu raga – a series of invigorating pool exercises that are gentle on the joints while offering a satisfying workout.

At Talise Spa, a sound and breath healing experience promotes deep relaxation with yogic breathwork and Tibetan sound bowls, while aromatherapy oil blend workshop focuses on how essential oils affect our emotions and includes a personalised botanical blend to take home.

For more information, visit Jumeirah Bali.

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