Auckland births new online platform to showcase its many highlights

The launch of a new online platform, Discover Auckland, is set to deliver a one-stop-shop for all visitor-related experiences and events across Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

The latest initiative from Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, the new destination platform will feature listings of things to see and do across Auckland, and will improve the way locals and visitors discover the region by making it easier to plan a trip to Tāmaki Makaurau.

Discover Auckland will feature listings of things to see and do across Auckland

As a dependable resource for all Auckland travel and local destination inspiration and knowledge, Discover Auckland will also help promote the Tāmaki Makaurau region, its sub-regions, communities, businesses and events, and further enhance the Auckland brand.

Shelley Watson, director of marketing and communications at Tātaki Auckland Unlimited shared: “Globally, destination platforms now need to meet the high expectations of travellers in the digital age. With ever shortening attention spans, travellers tend to approach trip planning like a shopping experience, selecting elements of their holiday based on a few moments of online interaction.

“Up until now, the digital journey for Aucklanders and visitors looking to experience the region has been fragmented with no simple planning, booking or sharing path. The launch of Discover Auckland will directly address this gap in a way that also increases opportunities for visitor growth and increased spend per visit.”

Designed using consumer insights and global best practice to digitise and eventually commercialise the Auckland experience, data from the site will enable Tātaki Auckland Unlimited to tailor visitor attraction campaigns to specific audiences, and in the future, the platform will be used to help generate income and support the visitor economy.

Shelley Watson said: “Discover Auckland will support our region to thrive and compete with other global cities for visitors, talent, students, investment and business. The new platform will specifically support the wide variety of businesses in the visitor economy such as tour operators, cultural organisations, accommodation providers, restaurants, retailers, events, performing arts and music. There will be spill-over economic benefits to many other industries.”

Annie Dundas, head of visitor economy at Tātaki Auckland Unlimited said: “Discover Auckland will stimulate local demand, appeal to Aucklanders to explore their own region as well as attract visitors from Aotearoa and overseas. It will future-proof Auckland’s legacy and shape our visitor economy industry for many years to come.”

The platform will also have a feature enabling users to interact with the site and generate a personalised visitor experience via a section called “collections”. Here, users can curate a collection, such as an itinerary or list, of their favourite Auckland places and attractions, which can then be shared and saved for future planning.

“It’s a unique and innovative feature which we anticipate will have wide appeal,” added Dundas.

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