Explore Suganuma Village in Gokayama, Japan

For the first time in decades, Japan’s nine-home village of Suganuma in Gokayama is opening its doors to overnight guests, giving visitors the opportunity to experience this World Heritage Site on the shores of Sho River.

The village’s Gassho-zukuri-style farmhouses are particular to the region, with their pitched, thatched roof structures. For two nights only, the Nakashima family – fifth generation locals – are hosting guests under the 170-year-old thatched roof of their family home for an authentic stay immersed in the rich traditions of the area.

Visitors now have the opportunity to experience the World Heritage Site of Suganuma in Gokayamaon

During their stay, guests will enjoy a traditional welcome tea and local dishes including Gokayama tofu, mountain vegetables and freshly-caught river fish. They will learn about local traditions such as the making of washi, a paper made of local fibre, and the creation of sasara, a traditional instrument featured in one of the region’s oldest folk songs. At night, guests will be treated to a magical evening light show and folk song experience.

Other activities include a hands-on workshop crafting thatched roofs using local Gassho-zukuri building techniques, and exploring the village’s surroundings with a guided bike ride.

In addition, guests will receive a Disconnect to Connect kit that includes a stationery set made of traditional washi paper, an instant camera and local aromatherapy kit.

Bookings start from June 30.

For more information, visit Suganuma Village.

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