IHG, Mori Trust to expand Hotel Indigo footprint in Japan

IHG Hotels & Resorts and Mori Trust Co. have signed a partnership agreement to open Hotel Indigo Nagasaki Glover Street in late 2024.

The hotel will be Japan’s fifth Hotel Indigo when it opens, continuing the growth of the brand that already includes hotels in Hakone Gora, Karuizawa and Inuyama, along with the upcoming Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya, which is scheduled to open later in 2024.

Hotel Indigo Nagasaki Glover Street will be Japan’s fifth Hotel Indigo when it opens in 2024

Hotel Indigo Nagasaki Glover Street will offer around 70 rooms, and is located in Nagasaki’s Minami Yamate area, which was once a settlement home to foreign consulates and residences.

The hotel’s story will be “Travelling through Time and Space: Japanese, Chinese and Dutch Labyrinths”, highlighting Wakaran (Japanese ‘Wa’, Chinese ‘Ka’ and Dutch ‘Ran’), where Western and Eastern customs and cultures have intersected.

Abhijay Sandilya, managing director, Japan & Micronesia, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and CEO of IHG ANA Hotels Group Japan, said: “The signing of Hotel Indigo Nagasaki Glover Street demonstrates the ongoing momentum for the Hotel Indigo brand in this market, as it continues to welcome travellers from around the world with unique and fascinating stay experiences that only Japan can offer.”

“We are very pleased to partner with IHG Hotels & Resorts to open new Hotel Indigo in the historic Minami Yamate area of Nagasaki, (where) we are actively promoting the preservation of traditional buildings. In the future, Nagasaki is expected to attract domestic and foreign tourists and tourism consumption, and we hope that we will be able to continue to provide our guests with history and culture through accommodation, and to disseminate new value,” added Miwako Date, president and CEO of Mori Trust Co..

Hotel Indigo is a lifestyle boutique hotel brand built around neighbourhood stories, incorporating the character of the city and its unique history and culture into every detail of the hotel. The brand currently has 270 open or pipeline hotels worldwide.

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