Philippine tourism department to run tourism job fair

Philippines’ Department of Tourism (DoT) will partner the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on a tourism job fair this September to alleviate the ongoing manpower crunch.

The Trabaho, Turismo, Asenso! National Tourism Jobs Fair “will help our fellow Filipinos find jobs while helping the accommodation and services sector address workforce shortages, resulting in the continued recovery of the tourism industry as a whole”, remarked Tourism secretary Christina Garcia Frasco.

The job fair will help Filipino workers and their families by providing tourism employment opportunities in the Philippines and abroad

The event will launch during the Hotels Supplier Show on September 22 to 24 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex. It will be a multi-month campaign that concludes in May 2023, coinciding with the 50th Founding Anniversary of the DoT.

Through its Regional Offices, the DoT will coordinate with concerned DOLE Regional/Field Offices and Public Employment Service Offices (PESO) in Local Government Units for the conduct of the job fairs; collect relevant job posting information from participating establishments; ensure credibility of all participating employers; and, monitor the submission of job fair reportorial requirements of participating establishments.

The DOLE will provide appropriate assistance on the conduct of DoT sponsored job fairs; ensure monitoring and supervision of all job fairs sponsored by the DoT as organised by concerned PESO pursuant to applicable DOLE guidelines; and, screen the requirements of all participating entities.

Aside from employment opportunities within the country, Frasco also recently announced that overseas hospitality career opportunities will be made available to Filipinos in a separate job fair in coordination with the Department of Migrant Workers and DOLE.

She said: “Providing tourism employment opportunities in the Philippines and abroad is important because this will help the thousands of Filipino workers and their families who were displaced or repatriated because of the pandemic. For new graduates and others seeking a career in tourism, this will also open new doors for economic prosperity.

“Overall, the goal is to balance the need for services of the accommodation sector with the needs for employment of tourism workers, that would lend stability to the tourism industry.”

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