Night Safari presents new civet exhibit and species additions

This June, visitors can look forward to Night Safari’s first walk-in exhibit for its civets, as well as the debut of two new unique nocturnal mammals, the Brazilian Porcupine and Grey-handed Night Monkey.

Nestled in the Leopard Trail, the walk-in civet exhibit is the new home for the common palm civets and the small-toothed palm civets. Guests can explore the habitat and observe the civets’ feeding and foraging behaviours up close while staying safe on the designated pathways.

Night Safari presents the first walk-in exhibit for its 14 civets

Meanwhile, two species new to Night Safari – the Brazilian Porcupine and Grey-handed Night Monkey – have come from zoos in Europe to take up residence here in the new mixed-species habitat located at the Fishing Cat Trail. The Kinkajou, a small mammal relat-ed to raccoons and coatimundis, will also be sharing the exhibit.

For more information, visit Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

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