Thai capital is number one for cost-effective luxury

New research by has named Bangkok, Thailand the leading global city for affordable luxury experiences, based on prices of several key expenses, including the cost of five-star hotels, spa hotels, Michelin-star meals, and luxury car hire.

With a score of 9.49 out of 10, Bangkok displays the best value for money for hiring a private luxury car or limousine at US$59 and for luxury hotel stays at an average of US$295 a night. Michelin star-dining in the city is comparatively cheap, at US$150 per head while a night in a spa hotel is only US$241.

Bangkok displays the best value for money for luxury travel experiences

The study, which identifies where travellers can best stretch their dollars, ranks Brussels, Belgium in second place. The average cost of a five-star hotel stay is US$360 in the city while a spa hotel stay averages at US$274. A Michelin-star meal knocks the traveller back by just US$156, and a high-end limousine hire costs US$150.

Other Asian destinations that have made it to the list include Osaka, Japan at fourth spot with a score of 7,59, and Tokyo, Japan at eight spot with a score of 6.73.

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