Oakwood enters alliance with Country Garden to launch Beluxs brand in China


Oakwood has joined forces with Country Garden Commercial and Culture Tourism Group to co-develop a new serviced apartment brand, Oakwood Beluxs.

The duo targets to open 100 Oakwood Beluxs branded properties across 50 cities in China by 2030.

Oakwood, Country Garden plan to open 100 Oakwood Beluxs properties in China by 2030; artist’s impression of Oakwood Beluxs room pictured

Oakwood Beluxs has been created to appeal to “well-travelled citizens of the world” with “a desire for a sustainable, smart and personalised sanctuary”. Strategically located in upscale precincts, the hotel brand will exude artful sophistication rooted with a sense of culture.

The brand’s first properties will be set in Southern China, according to Oakwood CEO, Dean Schreiber.

Formerly established in 2005 as a business management team of Country Garden Holdings, Country Garden Commercial and Culture Tourism Group was integrated and officially incorporated in 2018 to manage Country Garden’s commercial and cultural tourism assets. Currently, the company’s portfolio spans across 1,156 cities in China, Malaysia, the UK, Australia, India and Thailand; and has built strategic alliances with over 1,000 brands.

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