Indonesian hotels shine hearts in show of solidarity

Grand Ambarrukmo Hotel

Amid lockdowns and mass hotel closures worldwide, hotels across the globe are lighting up with hearts, in a show of solidarity with fellow hoteliers and communities battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Over in Indonesia as well, hotels are turning off their room lights in the evenings and illuminating select windows to form the symbol of hearts to signify hope and love during these challenging times.

In Yogyakarta, 66 hotels in unison for two hours lit several room lights after sunset to form a glowing heart as a symbol of hope. The show of solidarity, which began last weekend, will continue every Saturday between 19.00 and 21.00 until the pandemic passes.

The movement, dubbed From Jogja with Love, is the brainchild of the Indonesian Hotel General Managers (IHGM) Yogyakarta Chapter.

“We want to spread hope and positive energy to the people (who are battling) the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though it is difficult, we must stay united to fight it,” said Kukuh Wibawanto, IHGM’s Yogyakarta Chapter chairman.

Through this movement, Kukuh added, they wanted to show the unquenched spirit of solidarity and boost morale in the hospitality community during this current time of uncertainty.

Khairul Anwar, representative of the Yogyakarta Hotel Public Relations Association (H3Y), said that this show of solidarity could be a morale-booster during this time of adversity.

“It is time we spread the spirit of love to those around us. This pandemic is making everyone stressed and worried. We see this as a time to strengthen love and kindness,” he said.

This initiative inspired hotels in Solo, Makassar, Aceh, Tangerang, and Cirebon to create glowing hearts of solidarity on their hotels’ facades.

“We hope that this small contribution can encourage the world to overcome this big problem together. With optimism and (a spirit of togetherness), we believe we will see the light at the end of the darkness,” Khairul elaborated.

Meanwhile, in Bali, a group of 68 individuals, including those from the travel and hospitality industry, have rallied together to create a video clip of them singing the song Karena Cinta (Because of Love) by late Indonesian singer Glenn Freddly as a form of support for medical staff, victims, and all parties who are currently fighting the pandemic.

At press time, the clip produced by Bagus Nugroho, director of sales and marketing of Mutiara Group Villas, has been watched over 5,500 times.

“We present this song to Indonesia on behalf of the hospitality industry. Because of love, we can unite to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19,” Bagus said.

Elsewhere, Artotel Group has released the #GardaDepan (the vanguard) video campaign on their social media. The empathy campaign is aimed at health care workers currently fighting Covid-19.

“This is our appreciation for their struggle. Through this video, we also hope to spread positive attitudes and care for our fellow humans,” said Yulia Maria, director of marketing and communication at Artotel Group.

As well, InterContinental Bali Resort has taken the initiative to make their own face masks and distribute them to employees and their family members, as well as the local community.

These homemade face masks produced by the resort’s tailoring team under the Housekeeping Department are fashioned from upcycled linen, and the team is committed to produce 40 to 50 masks daily.

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