The Mandalika, Explore Indonesia’s Next Tourism Destination

Blessed with a 16-kilometer stretch of stunning white-sand beaches along the sunny southern coast of central Lombok, and earmarked as one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the country (often referred to as the “Next 10 Bali”), The Mandalika is an example of the Indonesian government’s commitment to today’s tourism industry.

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Thoughtfully developed by PT Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero) or Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), a state-owned enterprise specializes in the development and management of integrated tourism estates, with more than 45 years experience presiding over its flagship development, The Nusa Dua, a world-renowned tourism complex in south Bali. The Mandalika itself covers 1,175 hectares, with mesmerizing endless hills and well-known, unique beaches defining the island as an untouched paradise awaiting to be explored.

Start from Kuta Mandalika beach, which sits on the western part of The Mandalika coastline. This family-friendly public beach promenade is designed for public coastal leisure activities with its Beach Facility buildings providing bathrooms, showers and lockers for best convenience, as well as for events ranged from fun walk, fun bike, community yoga to big events such as The Mandalika Triathlon and TNI Marathon, welcoming more than 5.000 spectators.

This beach and the rolling hills of south Lombok are well suited for all kinds of sporting events such as running, cycling, paragliding, triathlons, as well as motorsports. Thanks to this natural setting, The Mandalika will host the world’s first street race for MotoGP in 2021. The Mandalika Street Circuit will be the first international street racing circuit designed and developed from the ground up that can accommodate international sanctioned motorbike races. The circuit construction will begin in Q4 2019 and will be ready by the start of the race in 2021.


The 2nd beach on the coastline is Seger beach, well-known of its Princess Mandalika statue representing the legendary tale about a beautiful princess of Lombok’s southern coast who sacrificed and threw herself into the ocean to bring prosperity to the people in form of “Nyale”, marine biota that is believed to bring luck during harvest time. The name of The Mandalika itself is inspired by this profound legendary tale.

Added into the natural beauties of The Mandalika is Serenting beach that sits close by to the upcoming Street Circuit, the infamous white sand Tanjung Aan beach, and Gerupuk beach situated in the west of The Mandalika,well-known amongst international surfers as their “surf paradise” due to its unique waves, and it is complimented with a natural mangrove river perfect for visitors who love to enjoy the natural surroundings where a variety of birds, some migrating from Australian winter time, are thriving.

As a fully integrated tourism complex, The Mandalika will be equipped with a host of mid- to high-end hotels totalling some 16,000 rooms and 190,000 sq. m of retail space, a theme park, golf course, hospital, street racing circuit, international conference facilities, and small medium enterprises centre. The Mandalika also has been designated as an ecotourism destination which will continue to comply with global environmental standards, incorporating clean solar energy, water desalination plants, and suitable waste disposal. Additionally, over half of the area will be designated as open green space, which will not only maintain and protect the natural beauty, but also enhance the life and culture of local residents. ITDC has also factored into the plans a 70-hectare eco park, future homes to a variety of rare bird species, and a mangrove forest. Apart from functioning as a sanctuary for native jungle birds indigenous to the area, the bird park is expected to be a key attraction for visitors to The Mandalika.

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