Vietnam travel e-commerce site goes live in Singapore

Co-founder Kelvin Wu introducing the platform to the media at the launch event in Singapore, an e-commerce website dedicated to Vietnam travel experiences, has launched its portal in Singapore.

The company was co-founded by former investment banker Kingston Lai, who noticed that there is a booming demand for online travel services in South-east Asia.

Co-founder Kelvin Wu introducing the platform to the media at the launch event in Singapore

For the first 10 months in 2018, the number of tourists from Singapore to Vietnam has increased to more than 223,709.

Citing a recent study by Google and Temasek on South-east Asia’s Internet economy that saw Internet and mobile users increase by 90 million since 2015, he said: “There is huge potential here and more so with online travel being one of the leading sectors in the internet economy with more than $30 billion dollars in revenue and an untapped 59 per cent of the consumer market who are still booking offline,” he shared.

“We are looking forward to roll out’s mobile app in 2Q2019 to make independent travel options more accessible and to tap further into the mobile user market, which is also growing in the region,” he added.

The travel platform will not only focus on ground packages but also expand to include travel conveniences such as visa-on-arrival application, SIM card and private transportation, as well as workshop activities such as lantern making and silver making.

Recently expanded its business scope to include Vietnamese gift sets in the form of local delights and handcrafted products, dining options such as dining with sign language, and the hiring of private tour guides.

As a business platform that seeks to integrate with the local travel community, aims to build a network of Vietnamese local partners and create a stronger revenue stream for them by promoting their services through the e-commerce site.

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