Adventure travel to get slower, quieter, greener in 2019: World Expeditions

Adventure travel next year is shaping up to be slower, quieter, smarter and greener

The need for downtime, concerns about overtourism and the dual desires to travel sustainably and to have informative experiences are the major influencers on adventure travel in 2019, according to adventure travel specialist, World Expeditions.

Adventure travel next year is shaping up to be slower, quieter, smarter and greener

Travel less, see more
Travel itineraries such as a multi-day trek or a cycling journey allow travellers to switch off and immerse themselves in the natural landscape and puts them in touch with their senses in a way that is becoming a luxury for many people.

“It’s a case of travelling less and seeing more – rather than travelling more and seeing less – that is inspiring many people to undertake slow travel,” says World Expeditions CEO, Sue Badyari. “When your body is your vehicle and you are immersed in your surrounds, life slows down.”

Quieter locations
Publicity about over-tourism is encouraging more confident travellers to look beyond replicating what they may see on social media of friends’ travel.

World Expeditions reports a significant increase in enquiries for the company’s range of exploratory expeditions in remote regions and in alternative treks in better known destinations.

Badyari said: “We’re finding that more confident travellers are less interested in replicating the travel experiences of others that they may see on social media and more interested in seeking out lesser visited destinations and trails.”

More information, more heart
Travelling with an expert adds a dimension to a trip that is not possible otherwise, and creates sought after experiences, World Expedition notes.

Being a “thoughtful traveller” and ensuring the places we visit are positively impacted by our visit is a priority for many travellers. Child safe tourism, animal welfare, conserving environments and cultures will remain important aspects of the travel experience, World Expeditions foresees.

Moreover, in 2019, many people will be focussed on reducing their use of plastic by taking refillable water bottles and avoiding buying single use plastic bottles.

Next year, the company will roll out a carbon-neutral project across all itineraries, which will be analysed for carbon outputs and the costs of mitigated and built into the trip cost.”

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