Mekong region mulls single visa for five Chiang cities

Ho Kham Luang in Chiang Mai

A single-visa scheme for five Chiang cities across Thailand, Myanmar, China and Laos is in the works.

The five cities comprise Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai in Thailand, Chiang Tun in Myanmar’s Shan State, Chiang Rung in China’s Jinhong (Yunnan) and Chiang Thong in Laos’ Luang Prabang.

Ho Kham Luang in Chiang Mai

According to a Bangkok Post article, the policy was initiated “a while back” by the Chiang Rai Chamber of Commerce, along with private and public sector players, to leverage the strength of Thailand’s two Chiang hubs to promote Thai tourism.

The scheme is expected to help the two cities in Thailand benefit from the flow of tourists from China, South Korea, Japan and France, the report said, quoting president of the Association of Northern Tourism Federations, Kitti Tissakul.

Kitti was also quoted as saying that the scheme could be treated as a pilot of one-stop services and a single-visa policy while the ASEAN bloc sets sights on a scheme for the region.

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