Bali Adventure Tours dumps its name as it’s too generic

The company started trading under a new name last month

Bali Adventure Tours started trading under the name of Mason Adventures on September 1, adopting the founder’s family name.

Explaining the change, Nigel Mason, managing director of the company, said: “With the ever increasing existence of cheap discount imitation companies, it is important that the rather generic name is modified to reflect our long-established (reputation) in the market place. (It is becoming) confusing with brands (that have names similar to ours) across multiple platforms.”

The company started trading under a new name last month

Another reason, he said, was to reflect the evolution of the family business. The company was originally developed by Nigel and Yanie Mason in 1989 and today, the couple’s two sons Juan and Shaun Mason have joined, “bringing about a new generation of youthful ideas and energy”.

The name change, however, will not affect customers in any way as business will be as usual, according to Mason.

Products under Mason Adventures also carry new names such as Mason Adventure Rafting Mason Elephant Park & Lodge, Mason Adventure Sky Tours, Mason Jungle Buggies, Mason Tropical Trekking and Mason Mountain Cycling.

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