Nok Air deepens interest in China with Henan MoU

Thai LCC Nok Air and Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment (HNCA) have recently signed an MoU to deepen their cooperation in developing an air network throughout China.

The MoU, signed by Nok Air’s CEO Patee Sarasin and HNCA’s chairman Zhang Mingchao, paves the way for both organisations to work together in areas related to tourism, culture, aviation and trade.

(From left) HNCA’s Zhang Mingchao and Nok Air’s Patee Sarasin shake hands after the signing

Patee said: “Henan is endowed with a superior geographical location, and it is one of China’s most significant transportation hubs. Potential air routes would enhance economic, social and cultural opportunities.

“This MoU marks a new milestone in the relationship between our nations with the aim to provide travellers from both countries with more positive options to choose from.”

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