To lure Singaporeans, Perak needs to serve up more than just food

Singapore’s prime minister Lee Hsien Loong and Malaysia’s prime minister Najib Razak at the opening of the Agrobazaar Malaysia outlet at Sultan Gate

Inbound agents want the Perak Plate Programme to be sustained and evolved into a lasting platform to better promote the north-western state in Peninsular Malaysia.

The Perak Plate Programme was launched last month by the Perak state government at the Agrobazaar Malaysia in Sultan Gate, Singapore, as a prelude to the Visit Perak Year 2017 campaign. Currently underway until January 15, this initiative introduces Perak’s local delicacies and popular dishes to consumers in Singapore.

While agents believe that Perak cuisine is strong drawcard for this event, the scope of attractions need to expand beyond food to lure Singaporeans to visit the state itself.

“You’ve got to give them reasons to visit Perak. Food alone will not see them travelling there,” said Raaj Navaratnaa, general manager, New Asia Holiday Tours & Travel, commenting on the myriad holiday destinations that Singaporeans can choose from with a strong currency.

“The state government and Perak Tourism should involve the local agents to showcase the state’s ecotourism products, historical sites and cultural attractions,” she added.

Kingston Khoo, senior product development/contracting manager at Discovery Overland Holidays, suggested: “There could be variations to this programme to introduce Singaporeans to local seasonal fruits or even offer orchard stays during the durian fruiting season. Homestays will appeal to the youth segment from Singapore and offer them a taste of village life.”

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