Pacific World creates seven emotionally-charged incentive themes to drive motivation


FOLLOWING a detailed research among its clients, Pacific World has developed seven incentive programmes that focus on experiences which are aligned to people’s emotions and motivation.

The series includes: Exclusive high end adventures; Inspirational special events; Authentic local experiences; Innovative technology concepts that challenge creativity; CSR activities that inspire; Holistic retreats that promote well-being and wholeness.

“Clients are increasingly searching for meaningful experiences that move their customers”, said Selina Chavry, global managing director for Pacific World.

“We are listening to our clients’ needs and observing trends which have shown us that experiences and engagement are deeply aligned with emotions and motivation. We then had to find out how emotions dictate programmes that delegates choose or what activities they might prefer. Understanding what drives each client is the key to designing a compelling programme, to help them engage and motivate their attendees.” added Chavry.

In Hong Kong, the new experiences can be had through a programme called “Discover the secrets of Hong Kong Real Estate tycoons”. Participants are taken into the world of the construction industry of Hong Kong through a hard-hat tour conducted by one of the engineers or the architect involved in the Zhu Hai-Macau Bridge project. Participants will get to share views and discuss the real estate and insurance scene in Hong Kong.

In India, the “Breathe” programme takes participants to the 40ha Maharaja’s Palace Estate which overlooks the spiritual Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley. Traditional Yoga and healthy organic cuisine is combined in an overall experience to restore well-being, balance and harmony.

To support these new experiences, Chavry said Pacific World has “strengthened our internal network of consultants to be able to deliver the best approach for our clients”.

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