US issues travel alert for Xaisomboun, Laos


THE US Department of State has issued a travel alert for all its citizens to the risks of travelling to the Xaisomboun Province of Laos due to recent shooting attacks and detonations of improvised explosive devices.

The US Embassy in Vientiane first issued the alert on its Facebook page, stating: “The Embassy has prohibited its personnel from traveling to Xaisomboun Province, and encourages US citizens to adopt similar security measures.”

According to an official statement from the US Department of State, three people had been killed and one injured during two roadside attacks that took place in Laos in late January. A series of shootings also occurred in November and December 2015.

Further warnings of unexploded ordnance to be found throughout Laos was issued in the statement as well. “While this may not pose a threat in common tourist destinations, including Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and the Plain of Jars, we strongly discourage travelling off well-used roads, tracks, and paths,” it stated.

“US citizens travelling to or residing in Laos should take precautions, remain vigilant about their personal security, and be alert to local security developments.”

The travel alert expires on April 30, 2016.

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