Security tightens as Jakarta returns to normalcy


LIFE in Jakarta has returned to normal shortly after the terror attacks in the Indonesian capital last week.

The street in front of the bombing and gunning site was reopened about five hours after the incident which took place around 10.50, with hotels, shopping malls and offices nearby continuing operations as per normal.

Arief Yahya, Indonesia’s minister of tourism, said: “For tourism, the sprightfulness of the security troops in capturing the terrorists has given assurance that safety and security in Jakarta and Indonesia are under control.”

The minister acknowledged however, that he was concerned about the incident and decided to suspend all international promotions and advertising campaigns for a week. But he retracted his statement three hours later.

He said: “After following the situation, we are confident that the situation is safe, under control and normal. We have decided to continue the Wonderful Indonesia advertising and promotion programmes.”

In the meantime, greater security measures are being taken not only in Jakarta but also in other cities.

Angkasa Pura Airport Authority, one of Indonesia’s two airport authorities, will be tightening security at all of its 13 airports using security detail from the Indonesian Police Department and National Armed Forces, as well as placing additional CCTVs at the Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Security for public transportations services will also be tightened, according to Indonesia’s minister of transportation Ignasius Jonan.

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