Bill Barnett releases anecdotal travel book


BILL Barnett, one of Asia’s leading hospitality experts and founder of consultancy C9 Hotelworks, has released a new book titled Slave to the Bean: Random Dispatches from the Inferno – a collection of short stories about luxury hotels gathered from his personal experience working and travelling in the region.

Before founding C9, Barnett was already an insider in the hospitality business having worked with international hotel management companies and publicly listed organisations such as Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton and Grand Hyatt. He had also acted as a top-level advisor to hotel developers in Asia and around the world.

In a media statement, his book was described as a writing which “distills his fear and loathing into a heady brew of dark apocalyptic visions, anecdotes, blunt views and spades called as spades, as he takes aim at his pet peeves and villains, from terrorists to backpackers and the ubiquitous bearded hipsters.”

Slave to the Bean is Barnett’s fourth authorship, having written Collective Swag, It Might Get Weird and Last Call previously.

A book launch event will be held at boutique hotel Ad Lib in Bangkok today.

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