Revamped Aussie Specialist Program to roll out from August

TOURISM Australia’s Aussie Specialist Program will receive an overhaul in the coming months following an extensive review of the global online training programme.

Now in its 26th year with more than 18,000 Aussie Specialists globally, a new digital platform including a website featuring interactive training modules and itinerary suggestions, will be implemented and rolled out over the next six months, beginning in August.

In addition, in conjunction with Australia’s eight state and territory partners, a team of Aussie Specialist trainers will be recruited to work with the travel trade in each key market.

Announcing the details of the revamped programme at an Australian Tourism Exchange media conference, managing director of Tourism Australia John O’Sullivan said that it is important to talk to and partner with the many travel wholesalers and retailers around the world besides executing marketing campaigns.

“The trade is such a vital part of the whole conversion journey in taking a brand such as Australia and converting it into visitation,” he said. “International marketing for destinations is one of the most competitive industries on earth. For example, we compete in China with 190 destinations that are offering their destinations and their products to the Chinese consumer.

“Through these changes, we are better equipping travel sellers with the knowledge and the skills to promote and sell Australia more effectively. What it means for a travel consultant is that it will be one person coming to see them about Australia,” explained O’Sullivan.

He concluded by saying that in China, the programme will continue to be supported by Tourism Australia’s distribution partner network of 31 travel agencies.

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