Health inspectors bring conference, health checks to Kuching

THE Health Inspector Union of Sarawak Health Department (HIUS) is organising the International Environmental Health Conference in Kuching this October.

This inaugural conference, themed Threats To Health: Uncovering Issues, Challenges and Prevention for a Healthier Environment, Safer World, is expected to attract more than 1,000 delegates, both local and international, said Sabri Sahari, president of HIUS.

The two-day conference starts on October 27 and will be held at Pullman Kuching. It will include plenary sessions and symposiums only for delegates, as well as exhibitions and CSR activities that will be open to the public.

Plenary and symposium sessions will include topics on environmental health management and enforcement, critical issues pertaining to global health, pollution, climate change, trans-boundary and non-communicable diseases, genetically modified food and organisms, world environmental problems as well as best practices in occupational safety and health, among others.

Meanwhile, exhibitions will be held at both Pullman Kuching Hotel and the adjoining Hills Shopping Mall.

CSR activities will include free health checks and screenings.

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