Etihad ventures into luxury living with groundbreaking Residence

ETIHAD Airways has launched a game-changing product for its Airbus A380 aircraft – the world’s first three-room cabin comprising a living room, bedroom and ensuite shower.

Unveiled at a global media launch in Abu Dhabi on May 4, The Residence will be located in the forward upper deck cabin on only the A380 and comes with either single or double occupancy and a personal butler that has been trained at the Savoy Butler Academy in London.

Each Etihad A380’s The Residence will boast different colour palettes, table marquetry and custom carpets for an mid-air boutique experience.

The announcement is part of Etihad’s initiative to redefine and rename its cabin classes.

Etihad has allocated the upper deck of the A380 to its premium cabins, including its First Apartments. These are fully private suites with a separate reclining lounge seat and full-length bed, a chilled mini-bar, personal vanity unit and wardrobe.

The First Suite class on the airline’s Boeing 787 aircraft will come with new features including a chilled mini-bar.

Meanwhile, its Business Studio and Economy Smart Seat classes will be available on both Etihad’s A380s and the B787s.

The carrier’s entertainment system has also been upgraded to the latest Panasonic eX3 for improved gaming, HD quality and video touchscreen handsets that offer an extra screen. All A380 aircraft will be fitted with full mobile and Wi-Fi service while the B787 will have Wi-Fi.

James Hogan, president and CEO of Etihad Airways, said: “These new living spaces will raise inflight product and service standards to their highest level yet in commercial aviation and alter air travellers’ expectations of inflight comfort and luxury forever.

“Etihad Airways’ A380 and B787 will deliver the most advanced airline cabins in the industry, while meeting all weight, range and cost targets at our desired seat count. This will allow us to offer products unparalleled in quality and style, yet at competitive prices across all three cabins.”

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