Khiri Travel Indonesia shines spotlight on East Nusa Tenggara

KHIRI Travel has merged with Indonesia-based Sunda Trails and will be promoting the islands east of Bali under its first office in Indonesia.

The Bangkok-headquartered DMC today announced that it is looking to open offices in Lombok and Flores with dedicated English- and Dutch-speaking teams, kick-starting Indonesian tours with a focus on destinations in East Nusa Tenggara such as Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba and Flores.

“Indonesia offers a treasure trove of great travel experiences,” said Willem Niemeijer, CEO, Khiri Travel. “The country’s amazing diversity will be reflected in Khiri Indonesia tour offerings, including Java and Bali, the orang utan sanctuaries and Komodo Island, as well as dozens of off-the-beaten-track trips.”

These trips will be personally selected by Anita Verhoeven, who founded Sunda Trails 12 years ago, has been living and working in Indonesia for 20 years and speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesia. According to a Khiri Travel press release, Verhoeven will continue to play a key leadership role in Khiri Travel Indonesia, focusing mostly on product development.

Sunda Trails runs inbound tourism operations to Indonesia and specialises in ecotourism and rural community exploration, besides offering hiking, bicycle tours, diving, marine expeditions and anthropological trips throughout Indonesia.

Sunda handles about 2,000 travellers yearly, including both individual and group bookings.

Niemeijer said the merger will bring efficiencies of scale and fast client response times, while new internal systems will give Sunda’s existing 12-woman strong staff enhanced training and career prospects.

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