AMEX’s new service lends helping hand to meeting planners

AMERICAN Express (AMEX) Meetings & Events has launched its Meetings Expert service in Asia-Pacific, which aims to help event planners cut down on excessive spending.

The new service focuses on the sourcing portion of meeting planning. By leveraging on tools and best practices of its launch in North America, Meetings Expert will assist planners in securing the best terms from hotels and venues.

AMEX director for Japan, Asia-Pacific and Australia, Danielle Puceta said: “Based on our pilot, we have seen all types of industries find this service valuable as it saves time for meeting planners or executive assistants.”

The service connects companies with recommended experts who provide advice on negotiating all aspects of a meeting contract, including securing of conference venues, accommodation, F&B and ancillary spending for events with a minimum of 10 rooms per night. It also helps to track meetings sourced and provides standardised reporting.

“The basic reporting can also provide companies with savings and more control over meetings sourcing, a category which can often be completely unmanaged. This is an attractive option to many industries,” said Puceta.

According to AMEX, existing clients have achieved an average savings of 28 per cent per meeting with this new tool.

Reporting by Patricia Wee

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