American Express to roll out advanced corporate travel communications tool

AMERICAN Express Global Business Travel will begin rolling out in the second quarter of 2012 a new web-based tool for companies to maintain enhanced mobile communications with their employees on overseas business trips.

Mobile Communications Manager (MCM), touted as a timely product that will help clients in times of crisis, especially in the wake of recent political riots, natural disasters and strikes around the globe, will be released in markets worldwide in a phased approach.

MCM, using information residing within the GDS, is able to keep tabs on the number of travellers on the road and their locations – with information broken down into regions, countries, cities and even nationality.

The tool is able to reveal contact details, including hotel contacts and all types of bookings made by individual travellers.

A two-way messaging facility leveraging on travellers’ mobile devices is also able to establish direct contact in times of crisis.

Marriott Suzhou director of sales, Litchi Su, was hesitant about the tool’s application in pinpointing the exact location of travellers, as such compliance may not be readily acceptable in the mainland Chinese market.

“The system is very convenient for companies and travellers especially in times of crisis, but some company staff will be concerned with providing very personal information,” she said.

By Patricia Wee

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