Bali hotels kickstart eco drive

THE BALI Hotels Association (BHA) has started a green task force and picked the reduction in usage of disposable plastic bags as one of its environmental initiatives.

The Green Team consists of representatives from BHA member hotels in Bali, who are responsible for environmental and sustainability initiatives collectively as a group, and also at their individual properties.

The objective of their plastic bag initiative is to reduce and replace disposable plastics usage with environmentally friendly alternatives wherever possible.

Green Team members will monitor plastics usage at their hotels and submit metrics every month to the BHA. The hotels are hoping to achieve a 20 per cent reduction in disposable plastics within the next 12 months.

BHA director of environment, Bipan Kapur, said: “The enthusiasm, drive and energy in the Green Team gives me the confidence that we are doing the right thing, and that this new generation will go all out to protect what is most precious to mankind.”

It is estimated that Bali generates approximately 750,000 kg of plastic garbage per day, almost 50 per cent more than Jakarta.

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