Malaysians increasingly keen on China travel

MALAYSIA is a steadily growing market for China, with an eight per cent increase in arrivals expected this year. Last year, some 1.2 million Malaysians vacationed in China, an increase of 7.85 per cent over 2009.

Cooper Huang, Malaysian Harmony Tours and Travel CEO, said major events such as the Shanghai Expo and Beijing Olympics had heightened interest in travel to China.

He said: “China is an ever-growing source of business for us, as it offers a wide variety of attractions. This is enhanced with the rise in low-cost and Chinese carriers, plus ground costs remain very low.”

“The overall cost is very competitive, and an eight-day package can be around 1,500 to 2,000 ringgit (US$498 to US$665).”

Tian Xin, director for ASEAN countries of the China National Tourist Office, speaking at a roadshow in Kuala Lumpur to promote China in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, said: “We are confident that South-east Asian arrivals will continue to grow. The region is a strong emerging market for China and there is especially huge potential in the Muslim travel segment.”

Currently, there are 141 weekly flights between China and Malaysia, offering 51,000 seats.

By Ellen Chen

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