Kompas Gramedia invests in multiple venues

INDONESIA-based Kompas Gramedia Group is expanding its venue portfolio with the development of a string of convention and exhibition centres around the country.

The group currently owns and operates the Gramedia Expo in Surabaya, and is working on the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) that will open in May and the Gramedia Expo & Hotel Santika Medan, slated for a year-end opening. It also plans to build an exhibition hall and sports centre in Senayan, Jakarta.

Kompas’ hospitality arm includes Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts and Dyandra Promosindo, a leading PEO in Indonesia.

BNDCC president director Danny Budiharto, who is also spearheading the group’s other properties, said: “There are potential destinations in Indonesia and the (regional) governments are calling for MICE development, but none of them are providing facilities to move the industry. Therefore, we are taking the initiative to build venues to stimulate the market, although we realise it is a long-term investment.”

For example, when Gramedia Expo Surabaya opened, Dyandra Promosindo organised its own exhibitions there, which later spurred other local events to choose the venue, he said.

Similarly, Budiharto was confident that BNDCC would be able to kickstart the market for exhibitions in Bali.

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